Unfortunately, I have heard of theater cancellations because tickets are not selling out as fast as they should. This is greatly disappointing not only for me but for the entire Attention Era Media team and the folks behind A Billion Lives.

A Billion Lives has announced its global launch date as October 26th. However, A Billion Lives needs our help and thankfully many vapers stepped up and pledged to help organize a viewing in their cities. There are dozens of scheduled viewings all around the world, but in order for those viewings to be possible, people need to actually buy the tickets ahead of time to ensure the viewings happen. Remember folks, this all costs money and A Billion Lives have foot the bill for nearly entirely everything.

Not only are our leading advocates shocked at the lack of interest in the movie now that it is gaining traction and being seen by the very people we have been begging to listen to us, many people blame it on the loss of “hype” and the length of time it took to get this documentary main stream. There is also a strong brigade of vapers who are complaining that they actually have to pay to see this documentary. Let me remind you yet again, WE, the vapers did not PAY for this movie to be made. Attention Era Media saw a need and they filled it. This very need, is something WE, the vapers, have been begging for, for years. Yet now that we have it in our grasp, many people want it handed to them like they’re entitled to it.  You are not entitled to anything, neither am I. I drove over 2000 miles round trip, had a vehicle break down and still managed to see this movie, afford a hotel, and spent 3 amazing days among the top of the top in vaping advocacy, but more importantly with the ABL team. This group of passionate filmmakers who have given up nearly 2 years of their lives, faced financial hardship and worse yet, heartbreak, yet they are still fighting for US. A group of seemingly self entitled, greedy, and ungrateful people. My heart aches for those of you who simply complain endlessly about the film not being free or that you lost interest because it took “too fucking long”. It makes me horribly sad that you care so little for the lives of those around you who could be saved because this film did what hundreds of thousands of us have not been able to. Because of many people’s selfishness and lack of compassion, this is what I woke up to the other day…

Not only does one of my good friends and fellow advocates have to miss out on this brilliant film…the ABL team was heartbroken.

Fiona hit the nail on the head with her reply to ABL.


We have begged, pleaded, and harassed people into hearing us and when someone finally gives us a voice, we can’t even back them up to continue getting this movie into the right hands.

This has got to be the biggest blow to me as an advocate. This movie means so much to not only me, but so many other people. We have tweeted, facebooked, blogged. We have bought t-shirts, hoodies, beanies. Me and Jake, the manager of Vapor Craziness here in Montana, have talked our faces off about this movie. Yet, there are still vape shops that have no idea what it is. There are still vapers who haven’t heard of the film. There are smokers, non smokers and politicians who haven’t heard of the film. Why? Because not all of us are really in THIS for the long haul. The FIGHT. The END GAME. Some of you, are only here for the #freeshit and what YOU THINK is owed to YOU as a vaper.

Let me tell you the hard reality of life. NO ONE OWES ANY OF US A FUCKING THING. If anything, WE OWE THE WORLD this breakthrough documentary, our UNITY, and our combined knowledge to fight this fight and WIN IT. Why?


Think about when YOU started vaping. Look back to your beginner days when you were a total noob and had no idea what you are getting yourself into. I was there so I know damn well you were there too. WHO helped YOU? Who helped me? Who guided me and showed me the way along my nearly 5 year journey?


Have some of you forgotten the mantra, “NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US”. This has been a battle cry for vapers for as long as I can remember, yet here many of you are, sitting here with your thumbs up your asses, pissing and moaning because you have to PAY to see this movie, because YOU didn’t get it for FREE. Because it wasn’t handed to you on a silver platter and told “ENJOY”.

Get off of it. Stop being selfish. Look around you at the people you love, look at the people walking down the street smoking and think about their families… Imagine where you would be if you were still smoking. This fight is not about you. It never has been and it never will be. This fight is for the billion lives we will lose this century alone. It is for the mothers and fathers, grandparents. It is for our children so that they can grow up to give us grand babies and great grand babies. It is for every single person out there looking to live a smoke free life and so help me to the stars, some of you better start realizing that and if you can’t, then don’t call yourself an advocate for vaping, don’t cry to me about not getting something for nothing, and don’t you dare ever claim you did everything you could in this fight.


Get your tickets HERE

  • Buy extras and give them to your friends, co workers, family members.
  • Vape shops, BUY BUY BUY. Give them away!
  • Share posts and tweets about viewings in your areas and ask your friends to support your right to be smoke free
  • Do everything you can possibly think of and FILL THESE THEATERS